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What a Card!

From 1954 to 1966, Minnesota television viewers heard the "Birdie" rhyme countless times, each one with a different nonsensical last line, on the WCCO-TV show Axel and His Dog. Twin Cities radio and television star Clellan Card portrayed Axel, a screwy Scandihoovan scatterbrain who lived in a tree house. Famed Old Log Theater director Don Stolz played Axel's dog, Towser, as well as his cat, Tallulah. Singer end entertainer Mary Davies also joined in the fun as Carmen the Nurse. For people who watched Axel and His Dog, this book is a wonderful trip down memory lane. For those of you who never saw the show, it's a fascinating look at an era that's gone forever.

Book includes:

298 pages chronicling the life of the man behind the popular children's television show, as well as a look at the glory days of local radio and the beginnings of television. Complete with pictures and excerpts.

Forward by Louie Anderson.

Includes a 2-hour DVD of AXEL shows. Sorry, there are no Mary Davies clips on the DVD.

  axel cover
What a Card

Price: $15.95 (soft cover)

Author: Julian West