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Gadgets and Kits

Basic Circuit Kit
Learn about electricity with this circuit kit.
Crystal Radio Kit
Make your own working radio!
Convert light energy into mechanical energy!
World's Simplest Motor
Fun and easy to build motor!


Pavek Museum Shirts
Our new Pavek Museum shirts are now for sale!
$15.00 - $25.00


Hi Kids! DVD
Highlights of Twin Cities children's television shows from the 1950s and '60s; clips you'll never see anywhere else.
Axel Axel #1 DVD
Axel and His Dog highlights from 1955/56. 
(no duplication of Axel #2 shows)
Axel Axel #2 DVD
Axel and His Dog highlights including special Teakwood Torgerson interview with Halsey Hall and Mary Davies singing in Country Holiday. (no duplication of Axel #1 shows)
Lunch with Casey Casey Jones DVD
Lunch With Casey DVD
Empire of the Air DVD
Empire of the Air DVD
Theremin DVD
Theremin, an Electronic Odyssey DVD


Barn Dance CD Sunset Valley Barn Dance CD
This collection includes live performances by Genevieve Hovde, John Voit, Billy Folger, Pop Wiggins, Lou Skarning, Kathy Kohls, Eddie Lewandowski, Cactus Slim and all the rest of the Barn Dance gang.


Where Have All the Broadcasters Gone?
Written by Charlie Persons, the engineer who designed WEBC, WMFG, WMFG, WHLB, and the Arrowhead Network, before building over a dozen other radio stations, including WELY in Ely and KVBR in Brainerd, which he and his wife June owned and operated for 26 years.
Wireless Communication in the United States
This book is about the inventors, the engineers, and the promoters of wireless communication.
Barry ZeVan's autobiography
The really overwhelming life and lives of Barry ZeVan (the Weatherman)
Heathkit Test Equipment
Heathkit Test Equipment Products
I Hate To Criticize, But...
Professional writers and broadcasters are murdering the English language.
Paul Hedberg's autobiography
A great book by a great man.
If you love the world of broadcasting in Minnesota and Iowa, its characters and their stories, you will love Paul’s autobiography.
What a Card!
Julian West's biography of Clellan Card. Well written; includes DVD of shows (some duplication of Axel #1 & #2 DVDs. Sorry, no Mary Davies clips. For Mary Davies clips go to Axel #2 DVD
When 'CCO was Cookin'
Dick Chapman provides a surprisingly candid, behind the scenes look at the people and the events that defined the golden age of WCCO; 210 pages, softcover.
Best Seat in the House
More than four decades of experiences working with athletes, journalists, and a variety of local notables are chronicled in Mark's first book. These copies are autographed by Mark Rosen and co-author Jim Bruton.
Golden Age of Wrestling
Insider's view into the world of professional wrestling in the United States with emphasis on Minnesota, Verne Gagne, and the American Wrestling Association (AWA). 244 pages of photos and in-depth information on the stars we loved to hate.
The Old Log Theater & Me
The autobiography of a great man and a great institution; a very readable and thoroughly enjoyable book. 435 pages, hardcover.
David Stone In Sunset Valley
All your favorite KSTP Barn Dance personalities.
Fiasco at 1280
The Rise and Hard Fall of a Twin Cities Radio Station
by J. R. Lonto
Media Tales
By Sheri O'Meara and Martin Keller
part of the Minnesota Series